5 New Releases We Can’t Wait To Read This July

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What’s everyone reading this month? We’ve got so many books on our TBR list, we can hardly keep track! But that hasn’t stopped us from adding more, of course. That’s why we’ve rounded up five new July releases we can’t wait to read poolside. So, pull up a lounge chair, grab a wine cooler, and find one of these sizzling summer must-reads, ASAP.

1) Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

give me your hand

Cosmopolitan, Book Riot, and EW all named Abbott’s Give Me Your Hand as one of 2018’s most anticipated new novels. Thanks to a joint interest in science, Kit Owens and Diane Fleming forge an unlikely friendship in high school. But when Diane reveals a secret, their friendship is never the same. And more than 10 years later, when the two come face-to-face again, the past reveals itself once more.

2) Ghosted by Rosie Walsh


Walsh’s new release is perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty. Sarah and Eddie seemed meant for one another—they connect almost instantly, and fall in love. They share “seven perfect days” with one another before Eddie has to leave for vacation. He promises to call, but never does. Sarah can’t help but worry, and with good reason. Because the one thing Eddie never told her was the truth.

3) From The Corner Of The Oval by Beck Dorey-Stein


This behind-the-scenes memoir from Beck Dorey-Stein is a summer must-read. After answering a Craigslist posting, somehow Stein lands a job in Former President Obama’s inner circle as a stenographer. In this witty, compulsive read, she navigates the political sphere from career to broken hearts, and everything in between.

4) The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams


This historical fiction novel from Williams has it all—love, money, and murder. In the summer of 1951, Miranda Schuyler arrives on Winthrop Island. Following the loss of her father in WWII, Miranda’s newly-married mother introduces them both to a life of riches, cocktails, and secrets. But what happens that summer will destroy all its splendor, even decades later.

5) The Intermission by Elyssa Friedland

The Intermission

After five years of marriage, Cass and Jonathan Coyne decide to put things on hold—a six-month intervention, of sorts, just until they decide if they are both happy with the life they’ve built together. But with the silence, certain secrets become deafening, and threaten to keep them apart permanently. And this is our book pick for July!

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