3 Reasons Why Summer Is The Season For Self-Care

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Summer is officially here, cozy readers, and we’re enjoying our time in the sun! It’s arrival has gotten us in the mood to amp up our self-care routines (we blame it on all that sunshine!). After all, it is the perfect season for it! Here are a few reasons why summer is the best time for ME time…  

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1) Refresh & Reset

Summer vibes are giving us major wanderlust, making it the perfect season for travel and hiding away for the weekend—enter self-care. Not only does a well-deserved vacay encourage fresh starts, but also a much-needed reset. Lounge in the sun or hideaway in the mountains with a good book. Either way, make the focus on you! Explore meditation, practice yoga while the sun rises, float around the pool, or hike a wilderness trail. Whatever your adventure, forget about obligations, work, and deadlines.

Fresh juicy watermelon slice  with cut out heart shape, filled fresh berries, on cutting board, on wooden background

2) Eat Clean

Summer’s arrival also welcomes local farmers markets that are overflowing with fresh fruits and veggies. This season, strive to eat healthy and clean. Opt for organic fruits and veggies, which are free of toxic chemicals and pesticides that can disrupt hormones and damage gut health. Choose foods that are in-season and are guaranteed to nourish your body, like watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries.

walk3) Keep Moving

Spring is for cleaning, fall is for hygge‘ing (if that’s even a word), and winter is for cozying up by the fire. But what’s summer for? Well, moving, of course! Get outside and take a walk. Brisk walks, as well as a healthy dose of sunshine, are guaranteed to boost your energy and mood. Not to mention, walking boasts countless heart-healthy benefits, which we happen to think is the ultimate self-care!

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