3 Tasty Iced Coffee Recipes To Keep Cool This Summer

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When summer comes to mind, our drinks list rarely includes coffee. Instead, we spend lazy Sundays sipping on iced tea, cocktails, or fizzy fruit favorites. But coffee? Never. Let’s change that, Cozy Readers! We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite iced coffee recipes (and one is sure to surprise you!) guaranteed to keep you sipping all summer long!

Image Source: Sunkissed Kitchen

1) Caramel-Mocha Iced Coffee

This homemade version of the Starbucks fan-favorite is the perfect summer treat for any sweet tooth. Free of processed sugars, this iced coffee recipe boasts natural sweeteners, like dates, which are guaranteed to give you a boost on those summer days you need a little extra energy.

Full recipe on Sunkissed Kitchen

Image Source: The Lovely Life

2) Samoa Cookie Iced Coffee

This recipe, a spin on the uber-popular Samoa cookie, has two of our favorite things: coffee and Girl Scout cookies! Impress your summer guests with this toasted coconut cold brew, topped with caramel and chocolate syrup.

Full recipe on The Lovely Life

Image Source: Brit+Co

3) Mint Mojito Iced Coffee Popsicles

This summer-spin on cold brew is going to be your go-to summer recipe for entertaining friends! All you’ll need is fresh mint, half & half, coffee beans, and brown sugar … and voilà, the best summer treat. You’re welcome.

Full recipe on BRIT+CO

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