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3 Tips For Your Happiest Summer

With summer’s arrival, there’s a good chance it’ll have a positive effect on your overall mood. Think about it—trips to the beach, weekends at the lake house, sun-bathing, reading by the pool, ice cream, watermelon, camping under the stars—how could we not be happy, right? According to a 2012 study, research suggests that, while the season can influence our mood, being happy is really up to us. So, to ensure you’re making the most of your summer, here are three important tips to keep you happy and healthy.

Young woman reading a book at beach

1) Get Lost In A Good Book (On The Beach) 

The same article points out that views of the ocean (or just large bodies of water, in general) creates a calming effect in the brain. What’s that mean? We’re happier, of course. Amp your vacation vibes by taking a book to the beach with you—just six minutes of reading can cut stress levels in half, studies reveal. And when you’re done, stick around to watch the sunset.


2) Tap Into Your Inner Zen

Consider your mental health this summer by taking a weekly yoga class or adding meditation to your daily routine. Attitude drastically affects a person’s mood, relationships, and, of course, happiness. Just five minutes of meditation can promote positivity, reduce stress, and boost self-awareness. 

silhouette of woman in hat

3) Unplug From Work

In France, employees are banned from checking work emails after 6PM. Enact a similar policy in your personal life in order to boost happiness and continue fostering strong relationships with family and friends outside of work. Unplugging from social media has also been a proven method for reducing negative feelings, such as envy and jealousy.

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