3 Tips For Breaking A Reading Slump

It happens to us all, Cozy Readers, the dreaded reading slump. Symptoms tend to include forgetting to take a book everywhere you go, no arousal for book smell, and the extraordinary ability to walk past a bookstore. If you’ve self-diagnosed yourself with book slump, then these three tips are sure to break your reader-fever in no time.

Composition with books and cup of coffee

1) Switch Genres

If you’ve lost interest in your go-to reads, then consider a literary change-up. For example, shelve your chick-lit and opt for a thriller. The switch in genre is likely to get you thinking differently, so you can snap that reading slump.

large book

2) Re-read Your Favorite Book

When the smell of a new book doesn’t get your heart racing, return to your favorite oldie, but goodie. Dust off your old-reliable and fall in love with all those unforgettable characters once again. Personally, my favorite book is The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. It definitely does the trick every time. 

At the book shop

3) Go To A Bookstore

If tips one & two can’t save you from your reader’s slump, then it’s time to take things next-level. What do we mean? There’s a very magical place called a bookstore, and it’s very therapeutic. Step inside, smell the books, tickle the spines, and take a chance on a new author. Speaking of chances, a lot of bookstores feature Date With A Book picks, which are, essentially, like a surprise grab-bag for readers. The book is usually wrapped, to hide the cover, and readers must use the provided clues about the novel’s plot, author, and genre to decide if they’d be interested in reading further. This might be a great alternative to discovering a new favorite author, while also breaking your reading slump.

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