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It’s Time To Take A Vacation And Here’s Why

It’s no secret that Americans are one of the most overworked, overstressed nations in the world. Sometimes we find ourselves grabbing lunch-to-go (or not even eating at all). Normally, our bodies are always under some mild case of stress-duress. And, let’s not even get started on our social lives. Do those even exist? With that in mind, it’s clear that our work lives are impacting our health. That’s why we’ve decided it’s time for you to take that vacation, and here are three reasons why:


1) Mental Health

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we’re only human. Mental fatigue can wreak havoc on our focus and performance. And here’s the real kicker—caffeine does not relieve chronic exhaustion. Yes, it’s true. Getting away is necessary to restore and recharge your mental health. So, unplug and unwind, and return to work with a pep in your step, and it won’t be just because of the coffee! 

Walk on bicycles

2) Social Health

When we’re overworked, our mental health isn’t the only thing that suffers. Other aspects of our lives take a hit, too. One in particular is our social lives. Take time off and spend it catching up with family and friends. When we’re stressed, we sometimes tend to alienate or subconsciously lash out at those who love us most, so make sure everyone that’s special to you knows you appreciate their support as you juggle everything.

hand of  woman meditating in a yoga pose on beach

3) Physical Health

Sometimes a vacation is necessary to re-evaluate our physical health. With added stress, comes added pounds. If we’re eating on-the-go, then there’s a good chance it’s not aiding in our weight-loss goals. Take time to relax and set a routine in place where you can work toward a more clean-living kind of life. Meal prep, start a workout routine, or dabble in forms of restorative yoga and meditation to amp your energy levels.

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