The Bookworm’s Guide To Self-Care

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There’s no denying that reading offers some surprising health benefits. In fact, research suggests that reading for just six minutes can drastically reduce stress levels (as if we needed another reason to cuddle up with a good book, right?). So, if you think about it, reading is a form of self-care. But sometimes, we like to get a little crazy, so we’ve rounded up three more ways bookworms can reap some added relaxation benefits with this reader’s guide to self-care.   

Side view of pretty brunette woman sitting near the tree

1) Travel With Books

Like reading, walking offers a ton of added health benefits. So, why not take your self-care action next-level by adding some physical fitness to your reading regimen. Take a day-time stroll to a local park, garden, or coffee shop, then stop for a while to read. Once you’ve finished a chapter—or the whole book (we won’t tell)—take the long way back to your home, office, or car. Your body will thank you.  

Woman bathing

2) Bathe With Books

Not literally (that would ruin the pages, of course). But take time to run yourself a nice hot bubble bath, candles and all. The warm scents will soothe tired muscles, and reading will soothe your tired brain. Amiright, boss babes? This self-care duo will have you like: Stress? Stress who? 

Cozy winter weekend at home. Morning with coffee or cocoa, berry pie, books, warm knitted blanket and nordic style chair. Hygge concept.

3) Coffee With Books

Do as the Danes do and turn a lazy Sunday afternoon into hygge-central. We’ve already got your ingredients list: books + coffee + candles + cake = cozy.  It’s our favorite self-care combo. You’re welcome. 

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