7 Things Every Bookworm Can Agree On

When it comes to reading, there are just some universal thoughts that all book lovers tend to agree on, because, well—books are life. We’ve rounded up seven, totally legit, reasons that books are the best. You know we’re right, Cozy Readers! What other ideas would you add? Comment below!

1) Books are the best kind of distraction

Especially when we just can’t deal with the real world for a day.

2) Weekend plans? ✓

It’s time to PAR-tay! Right into my PJs with a big bottle of wine.

3) J.K. Rowling gives good life advice.


We just can’t quit.

4) The smell

Don’t pretend you haven’t done it!

5) Fictional characters are real people

star wars

Well, in our heads they are. So, excuse us while we get overemotional. 

6) Books > People

Everyone at the table is on their phones. 

Me: Pulls out a book. Immediately dubbed “anti-social”.

7) When you’re so into a book, and then someone interrupts you

book series

You’ve delivered your news, now go.

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