7 Of The Best Bookish Boards To Follow On Pinterest

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Looking for a little extra reader inspiration? We’ve got you covered, Cozy Readers, no matter your book type! We’ve rounded up seven Pinterest boards that every bookworm should follow. In the comments below, share your favorite bookish board! Happy pinning!

1) Publisher Type – Random House

Powerhouse publisher Random House boasts more than 6 million monthly viewers. Plus, they have boards for every bookworm—from Literary Art to Bookshelf Styling, as well as “Your Next Great Read” and, even, Random House’s own board of special lit events!

2) The List Type – Modern Mrs. Darcy

With more than 3 million monthly visitors, Anne Bogel’s book lists board is where readers go to double their TBR stacks! Choose from lists based on books in translation, children’s classics, Jane Austen novels, book club reads, new releases, and more.

3) The Quote Type – Brightly

Brightly’s inspirational quote board is the perfect literary corner of the Internet. Prepare to get lost in all its cozy reader thoughts, feels, and author advice.

4) The Library Type – Ophelia’s Renaissance

For library lovers, this board is a must! Get inspired by some of the most elaborate book shelves in the world. Draw real inspiration from these fancy book spots for designing your own cozy, in-home nook. 

5) The Bookstagrammer Type – Earl Grey With Room

Meet your new favorite bookstagram account on Pinterest, cozy readers. Get lost in classic, cozy book photos that’ll make you want to immediately curl up with your favorite novel. 

6) The BookShop Type – Book Patrol

Get inspired by some of the best bookshops in the world while scrolling through this bookish board of storefronts, book signs, and literary-inspired architecture. And, maybe even pick out some new vacation destinations while you’re at it!

7) The Good Reads Type – Victoria Smith

Get inspired by Smith’s blog called SF Girl, which attracts more than 10 million visitors monthly on Pinterest. Smith’s “Good Reads” board is chockfull of her favorite reads from home decor to better living, she’s even got some great new fiction releases sprinkled in. This board is a must-follow for any bookworm!

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