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7 Discussion Questions To Get You Thinking About Meg Wolitzer’s The Female Persuasion

Just released April 3, Meg Wolitzer’s new novel, The Female Persuasion, has already received a ton of praise. Vogue calls the book “ultra-readable,” while the NYT Book Review boasts that Wolitzer is a “capable creator of human identities that are as real as the type on this page.”

In fact, the novel speaks to the very core of today’s modern women’s movement. Head-on, it tackles the topics of female ambition, the gap between gender and power, as well as romantic ideals and womanhood.

The novel focuses on shy Greer Kadetsky who’s life steers her into a chance encounter with Faith Frank, 63, known as a “central pillar” of the women’s movement. When Faith offers Greer an ambitious new opportunity, Greer must choose to, either, snuff her own inner flame (and stay with her boyfriend) or fan the flame in hope of a new, exciting chapter.


Wolitzer’s truly, multi-layered novel is a perfect book club pick, and why we chose it as this month’s Cozy Reader selection. In search of more information about the novel, we stumbled upon this list of reader’s guide questions, courtesy of Wolitzer’s website. After you’ve finished reading, contemplate these topics, or, meet up with your own squad of ambitious females and utilize this guide to spark insightful conversation:

  1. The Female Persuasion is about the relationship between a young woman and her mentor. What does Greer learn from Faith, and vice versa?
  2. Discuss the class differences between Greer’s family and Cory’s. How do family origins affect the characters’ ambitions?
  3. Compare Zee’s childhood with Greer’s. Have their backgrounds influenced the people they have grown up to be, or the decisions they make, or the ambitions they follow?
  4. How has feminism changed between Faith’s youth and Greer’s youth? What do their generational differences show about the nature of progress?
  5. At the end of the novel, Greer is forced to make a difficult decision about the Ecuador project. Do you think she makes the right choice?
  6. Think about the way Faith and Greer’s relationship comes to an end. Do you think it’s for the best? Was it inevitable?
  7. Wolitzer suggests that there are certain key people, events, and relationships that change the course of our lives. Obviously, Faith does this for Greer. Which other relationships might illustrate this kind of power?

To read an excerpt or discover more reader’s guide questions, visit Wolitzer’s author page.

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