5 BookTubers You Should Be Watching

Looking to add to your book addiction? Well, Cozy Readers, we’ve got just the thing to fill your last few weekends of winter! Why not spend a lazy Sunday morning in bed, catching up on all-things book news with a book vlog? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite channels! Already got a weekly watch list? Tell us your must-see book vloggers in the comments section!

1) Bookables by Heather

Cozy Readers will adore this channel! Follow along as Bookables host Heather chats about book reviews, hauls, tags, and author interviews. While Heather primarily reads YA fiction, there’s the occasional post directed toward Adult and Chick Lit readers. And, lastly, if you love all-things Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, then Heather will quickly be your new best book pal!

Find Heather on Instagram here.

2) abookolive by Olive

On this channel, showrunner Olive gives viewers a good mix of all-things bookish with reading wrap-ups, hauls, and reviews. Lit fiction lovers will enjoy this channel, as well as varying non-fiction readers. Plus, as a special treat, for those who have an interest in Russian lit, this vlog is a must! Not to mention, Olive does the occasional post, during which wine is involved, and hilarity is unavoidable. A recent must-watch includes a former Cozy Reader Club book pick, The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin.

Find Olive on Instagram here.

3) Bookish Thoughts by Jean

We absolutely adore this book vlog! Not only does Jean, a PhD student, discuss novels of all kinds, she also covers an array of other topics, including: film, women writers & feminist lit, political & social issues, non-fiction, and ancient history & classics. One of our favorite posts is 100 Years of Book Covers—it’s a must-watch!

Find Jean on Instagram here.

4) Epic Reads

Based on the popular website by the same name, this book vlog is “your video destination for all things YA and teen books.” Sponsored by powerhouse HarperCollins Publishers, the Epic Reads channel provides new weekly content each Monday (“Book Nerd Problem”) and monthly episodes of “Book Hauls with Tea Time’s Margot.” Additionally, they always have a new round-up of YA author interviews and digital episodes.

5) Peruse Project by Regan

For Fantasy readers, Peruse Project is a must-watch. With weekly posts, Regan curates a diverse list of videos, from her favorite Fantasy books ever to her list of the worst books of 2017. She also includes unboxings and recent book reviews, like her thoughts on The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

Find Regan on Instagram here.

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