5 Podcasts For Book Nerds To Listen To ASAP

Bookworms, if your regular playlist has you down, how about trying one of these novel (see what we did there) podcasts? We love listening because, essentially, podcasts are the next best thing to being in a book club. Not to mention, the conversations are always so enlightening and, sometimes, hilariously unexpected! We’ve rounded up five of our favorites that appeal to every kind of reader out there.

The New Yorker
Image Source: The New Yorker

1) For the serious reader: The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman signs on each month with a well-known author to talk about their current projects and discuss a reading. Past conversations and authors have included: David Sedaris, Lauren Groff, and Jonathan Franzen.

Image Source:

2) For the comedic reader: The Dead Authors Podcast

If you’re a fan of Comedy Central, then this bookish podcast is for you. This unscripted, lively discussion is presented in front of a live L.A. audience. Guests have included: Maya Rudolph, Andy Richter, and Andy Daly.

Fully Booked
Image Source: iTunes

3) For new-release readers: Fully Booked by Kirkus Reviews

If you’re a reader who likes to know what’s new in books, then this Kirkus podcast is where it’s at. Their team of editors not only interview authors, but they offer insight on the best new books worth reading and dish on the ones that aren’t.


Image Source: SoundCloud

4) For the sassy reader: 3BookGirls

Like books that are snarky, silly, and, sometimes, inappropriate? So do these girls who get together to talk about them.

Image Source: iTunes

5) For the classic fans: Backlisted Podcast by Unbound

The duo of Unbound’s John Mitchinson and Andy Miller (author, The Year Of Reading Dangerously) get together to resurrect and discuss old books and classics for your listening pleasure.

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