5 Tips To ‘Bookworm’ Harder In 2018

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Cozy Readers, is life getting in the way of your reading game? We get it. Life can throw a lot at us, and lately it’s really been chipping away at our total bookworm status. We haven’t been by a bookstore in daaaaays, we haven’t lit our “old book” candle, and our laptop bag is so full we’ve not had room for extra reading material. That’s why we’ve decided to hunker down and find some ways to get in extra bookish activities. Here are five tips for finding ways to bookworm harder in 2018.

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1) Write It On Your Daily Planner

The easiest way to get in some extra reading time is to, well, deliberately make time for it. Treat your favorite novel like it’s for an assignment or project (it’s just a project that you happen to love doing!)

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2) Take Reading Material Everywhere

This is a must. Throughout the day, there are always opportune reading moments. For example, your morning commute, while waiting for a meeting to begin, your lunch break, or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. If for some reason, your purse or bag is too full or heavy for that copy of War and Peace (as it sometimes is), download a free reading app on your smartphone. Some must-have apps for the serious reader? Google Play Books, Kindle, iBooks, and Audiobooks From Audible.

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3) Attend A Local Reading

Up your book game by attending a reading or author lecture sponsored by a local college or university. The local library is another great spot to check for author events, book signings, etc. Barnes & Noble bookstores always have book signings on their monthly calendars. Coffee shops are also perfect for enjoying a bookish night out, as they often sponsor local readings and workshops.

Image source: Savannah Book Festival

4) Go To A Book Festival

Book a weekend at a lit festival. There are several great events already scheduled for Spring 2018, and in cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and New Orleans. Not to mention, these locales could double as a nice, relaxing Spring Break getaway.

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5) Get A Goodreads Account

Set up a Goodreads account and score insightful book recommendations based on your favorite authors and past books you’ve read. Plus, connect with your friends and other like-minded readers to see which books they plan on reading next (or have already read). Download the app on your smartphone for when you’re on-the-go!

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