7 Signs You’re A Total Bookworm

If you’re like us, one of our favorite school days was when the Scholastic Book Fair set up in the library. We could hardly wait for its arrival, especially after looking through our Scholastic flyer, circling the books we wanted to buy. Then came the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! reading program, which only added to our reading obsession. And while we didn’t see it back then, we know now that those were the early stages to becoming a full-fledged bookworm. Well, Cozy Readers, status achieved! And we’ve rounded up seven other signs that prove you’re a total bookworm, too!

1) You take a book (or two) with you everywhere you go

2) You cancel on Friday night dinner to stay home and read

3) You’re emotionally attached to fictional characters

4) You can’t go into a bookstore without buying something

5) You refuse to purchase a Kindle

6) You own a candle scent called “old book.”

(Psssst … if you want an “old book” candle, check out Etsy.  Or this one has a “bookstore” fragrance with whiffs of “driftwood, mahogany, coffee, and a hint of leather.”)

7) You tend to get, like, really emotional while reading


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