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5 Things We Learned About January Author Chloe Benjamin From Her Instagram

Cozy Readers, this month we’re so excited to feature Chloe Benjamin’s The Immortalists as our first book of 2018. The novel, with a January 9 release date, is set in New York City during the late sixties. The plot is about four siblings—the Gold children—and their encounter with a traveling psychic who can foresee death. What unfolds afterward is a deeply-moving tale about the power of belief and the bonds of family.

It’s been lovely to see so many new faces since our #immortalistsxquince collaboration kicked off, so I thought I’d introduce myself! I’m Chloe, the author of #theimmortalists (coming from @putnambooks Jan 9 🔮) and #theanatomyofdreams. I grew up in San Francisco in a big, modern family (a little bit about that in the link in profile!), and I now live in Madison, WI with my husband @nathanjandl and our sweet floof Gigi Benjamin-Jandl. I’m also a voracious knitter, a passionate reader and a lover of salty snacks of all kinds (olives, Cheez-Its, etc). Basically, I love making things, whether out of words or yarn; it helps me to cope with the uncertainty of this world, and hopefully, to contribute something that helps others.

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With such a unique plot, we were interested in learning more about Benjamin’s inspiration for her forthcoming novel. Instead, we were surprised to learn more about the author, herself. Turns out, she’s just like the rest of us, which makes us all the more excited to start reading The Immortalists. Here are 5 fun things we learned about Benjamin from her Instagram:

1) She’s obsessed with stationery

Just like us.

2) She’s married to a dreamy guy named Nathan …

… who also partakes in a little competitive boxing

3) She took ballet

She wrote: “One of the secret pleasures of writing #theimmortalists was getting to relive my days as a dancer through Simon, who moves to San Francisco and becomes one himself.”

4) She’s an obsessive knitter

On her Instagram, she routinely shares her latest knitting projects. She was especially thrilled to announce that her publisher, Putnam Books, teamed up with her favorite yarn company to collab with knitters in order to create designs inspired by The Immortalists.

Okay, the cat’s out of the bag: by now you guys know I’m an obsessive knitter as well as an obsessive writer, so you can imagine how I lost my mind when my ingenious publisher @putnambooks teamed up with my all-time favorite yarn company, @quinceandco, for a special #ImmortalistsxQuince collaboration. The plan? A group of incredible knitters have received a custom set of colorways, along with the hardcover book. Their mission? To create something inspired by #theimmortalists. Stay tuned at #ImmortalistsxQuince… and yes. I’m basically crying happy tears about this whole thing. P.S. Want to follow our awesome participating knitters? That would be @hannaontheroad @pointelledesign @madderrootmaine @dreareneeknits @soveryshannon @niree_knits @jen_beeman @boylandknitworks!

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5) She has a cat named Gigi Benjamin-Jandl

So adorable!

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