4 Reading Resolutions To Keep This New Year

With the arrival of 2018 comes the ever-impossible wish list of New Year’s Resolutions. Studies suggest that nearly 80% of people have given up on their resolutions by February, while only a small 8% of people actually reach the goals they set for themselves. But, no worries, bookworms, we’re here to help you keep your reading resolutions. Here are four tips to make sure you find time to read in 2018.

woman reading

1) Don’t Leave The House Without A Book

Never leave home without some sort of reading material. This way, you’ll have the perfect excuse to read at any point during the day when you have a few minutes of downtime—on the train, waiting in line, while eating lunch, waiting for a meeting or class to start, or, even, just in case your smartphone battery dies.

Woman in bed reading

2) Set Aside Time To Read Each Day

Dedicate some time each day to reading. We’ve found the best times to do this are early in the morning, or right before bed. We prefer the latter. There’s nothing quite as cozy as cuddling up in bed with a good book and a warm drink, especially a drink known to boost sleep, like chamomile tea, milk, or, even, hot chocolate.

Pile of books with cup on the chair on brick wall background

3) Start With Small Reading Goals

Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to read a specific number of books a month, or even a year. Start small. Begin by setting a manageable number of pages to read each day, or perhaps, try to finish a chapter each night before bed. This also goes for giant books. If you haven’t had a steady reading regimen for a while, then start by choosing a smaller novel to tackle, perhaps about 200 pages total. This way, once you’re finished, your confidence will receive an instant nudge!

beautiful young girl in outdoor cafe reading a book and drinking coffee. phone. student. business woman

4) Unplug

Perhaps the most important tip—put down your smartphone and pick up a book. Recent studies suggest that most people are spending between 5 to 9 hours each day, either on their smartphone or consuming media of some kind, be it listening to music, etc. This means that people are spending more than a third of their day on their phones or social media. You could get a lot of reading done in that amount of time!

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