5 Tips For Making Your Home Cozy For The Holidays

As Christmas quickly approaches, it’s time to put the final touches on everything from gifts to cookies. But what’s a little holiday cheer without some festive decorations? If you’re planning to entertain friends and family this season, prime your party with more than just the usual Christmas tree and tinsel. We’ve rounded up five easy decorating tips to steal from Better Homes & Gardens that’ll instantly create a cozy atmosphere perfect for all your holiday guests!

1. Hang Holiday Wreaths

Bring nature inside with festive holiday wreaths, decorated in red bows and mistletoe. This evergreen greenery is the perfect addition for doors, fireplaces, stairs, and cabinetry. Plus, wreaths are a wonderful excuse for spending time with the family at your local Christmas farm!

2. Cover Your Couch In Cozy Pillows And Chunky Knit Throws

Create some next-level cozy vibes by swaping your everyday pillows for festive Christmas patterns. Then accent your furniture with oversized, chunky knit blankets or throws that you can’t help but sink into.

3. Drape Garland And Festive Lights Over Doors

Set the scene and welcome guests immediately by draping garland and festive lights over the entry door, as well as throughout the house.

4. Play Festive Background Music And Bake Cookies

Nothing quite says Christmas like holiday tunes and treats. One of our favorite ideas for party planning is a Hot Cocoa Bar! How have we never thought of it before?!

5. Opt For Candles And Fireplace Lighting

Turn up the cozy by dimming the overhead lights. Brighten rooms with a variety of candles that are sure to fill the room with festive scents of the season!

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