Cozy Reader Feature—Elizabeth Berg’s Inspiration For ‘The Story of Arthur Truluv’

This month, Cozy Readers, we’re excited to feature the novel The Story of Arthur Truluv by New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Berg.

TruluvThis emotionally powerful novel tells the story of three individuals—Arthur Moses, Maddy Harris, and Arthur’s neighbor Lucille. Each day, Arthur goes to the cemetery to visit his late wife. Maddy goes to the cemetery to escape the cruel kids at school. After a surprising gesture, the two become friends, and shortly after, Lucille finds her way into their circle. The thing they have in common? They’ve each lost someone they loved. Together, the three unlikely pals help each other re-examine their purpose in life and renew one another’s quest toward happiness.

Elizabeth Berg
Image Source: USA Today

In a statement on her website, Berg revealed her inspiration for the novel. She said the plot played off of a thought she had, and a person who set the scene for her heart-warming character, Arthur Truluv.

“I kept seeing the image of an old man in a cemetery, sitting on a little fold up chair by his wife’s grave, eating a sandwich,” she wrote. “I wanted to know who this man was, what his life was like. I felt he had something to teach me, and I was right!”

In an article for the Chicago Tribune, Berg discussed her process for writing the novel. “When I write a book, I don’t have an idea of what I’m doing. I just go where it leads. It was almost a surprise to me. It’s like I’m underwater, and when I surface, I read. I certainly didn’t set out to write about three lonely people. That’s just how it happened.” She goes on to say, “This book means a lot to me. It’s a very seemingly simple book, but I think there are a lot of deeply held for me truths and revelations in it. I had such a fondness for my character.”

Want to read more? Get started before your Cozy Reader Club box arrives with this excerpt from Book Browse, courtesy of Random House.

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