5 New Books We’re Thankful For This Month

With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re thinking about all the books we can’t wait to read after serving ourselves up a nice helping of Thanksgiving turkey! That is, right before we take a nap. We’re especially excited considering Murder on the Orient Express is coming to theaters Thursday, Nov. 9! And after we’ve finished re-reading Agatha Christie’s classic novel, we’re turning our attention to all the amazing new releases set to hit bookstore shelves this month. Take a look at the five books we’re fan-girling over for November.




1. Bonfire: A Novel by Krysten Ritter (Nov. 7)

From actress Krysten Ritter comes a tightly-wound novel of suspense. Chicago lawyer Abby Williams left home 10 years ago, but now, a new case forces her return to Indiana, and the life she’d rather have forgotten.







2. The Noel Diary: A Novel by Richard Paul Evans (Nov. 7)

In Evans’ newest holiday-themed novel, Jacob Churcher returns home to sort out his mother’s home and belongings following her death. It’s been 20 years since Jacob’s estranged mother kicked him out of her house. Upon his return, he attempts to unravel his past. Among the debri of his mother’s troubled life, he finds a diary written by a stranger named Noel, and it sets him on a path to answers, redemption, and even, love.




3. The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Fitch (Nov. 7)

Janet Fitch’s new novel is a historical tale about a young Russian woman decides to leave her life of privilege and become a revolutionary, all while falling in love and dealing with the betrayal of everything she holds dear. At just over 800 pages, be sure to tuck in for a long weekend with this novel.






living god


4.  Future Home of the Living God: A Novel by Louise Erdrich (Nov. 14)

In this dystopian, almost Apocalyptic, tale about world’s end, pregnant Cedar Songmaker is forced to do whatever it takes to protect her child. In an attempt to outrun the bounding oppressive forces closing in around her, Cedar is compelled to uncover her birth mother, setting her on a course of self-discovery and chaos.






5. Little Broken Things: A Novel by Nicole Baart (Nov. 21)

A perfect read for fans of Liane Moriarty, Baart’s latest novel is tangled with suspense. After receiving a mysterious text message from her estranged sister, Quinn is surprised to find herself standing face-to-face with Nora just hours later. Nora asks Quinn to look after a mysterious little girl named Lucy. But before Quinn can ask questions, Nora is gone. And Quinn has no idea what to do.


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