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8 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Literature

Halloween is nearly here, Cozy Readers! And, we can’t wait! October is our favorite time of year. The evenings are starting to get chilly and the leaves are beginning to turn all the colors of Fall. It’s the perfect time to bob for apples, eat pumpkin pie, and drink tangy, cinnamon apple cider. And, of course, we’re dressing as some of our favorite literary characters (we had a long list to choose from!). How are your costumes coming? We’d love to hear what everyone’s going as this year. If you’re still deciding on a costume, why not try one of these bookish favorites?

Popular Picks

1) Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson wowed in this year’s most-anticipated live-action remake of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Now, re-create her classic look with a beautiful blue dress and white apron. And, don’t forget the matching bow for your hair!

2) Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is sure to be a popular choice for all ages. This Comic Book Queen reminded us about the importance of female empowerment and we love her! Costume prices on Amazon range from $ to $$, so take a look at the Prime offerings for fast shipping!

Children’s Classics

3) Madeline

This children’s classic is always a popular choice among little Trick-Or-Treaters! The outfit is simple to make and always be sure to pair it with a vintage book.

4) Where The Wild Things Are

This sweet idea is fun for the whole family! And you can find costume options for all ages on Amazon.

Novel Classics

5) Jane Austen

Dress as our favorite classic heroine, Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s popular novel, Pride & Prejudice. If you can, convince your modern beau to go as Mr. Darcy for a match made in Halloween heaven!

6) Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

Luna quickly became one of our favorite characters in the Harry Potter series. Her quirky ability to tune into the real world was really quite refreshing. If you’re looking for a more comical Potter-inspired costume, then Moaning Myrtle seems to be a crowd-favorite this year. Pair your wardrobe with a toilet seat, or don’t!

Scary Good Picks

7) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 

What’s Halloween without a good zombie costume? Intertwine your love of Jane Austen with a gory zombie look in this easy makeup tutorial!

Image source:

8) Cheshire Cat 

Re-create this simple makeup look to embody Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat, which is always a popular choice for Halloween festivities!

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