5 Scary New Releases To Read Before Halloween

We’re midway through October, which means Halloween is quickly approaching. When we think of ghastly, festive literature this time of year, we’re quickly reminded of the macabre poems of Edgar Allan Poe and the blood-sucking tales of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But if you’re in need of some more contemporary reads, and looking to take a step back from all things Twilight, we’ve got just the thing. We’ve rounded up five recent releases that are sure to get you in the Halloween spirit, and it appears that witches are making their grand comeback against werewolves and vampires.




1. A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan 

This gripping historical saga spans five generations to, not only tell a powerful story about the bond between mothers and daughters, but to tell a story about magic, as well. After believing their family’s powers had died with their ancestor, the Orchires do all they can to restore their magic. But it’s not until their youngest daughter comes of age that their gifts are renewed, and just in time to rewrite history.





See what I have done


2. See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt 

In this mesmerizingly haunting retelling of the Lizzie Borden murder mystery, history seems to rewrite itself. Sarah Schmidt spins a splendid web of truths and lies as the narrative shifts between Lizzie, her sister, the housemaid, and an unsuspecting stranger. Easily, Schmidt’s debut novel will leave you wondering, Who really did it? 






3. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie 

Although not a new release, and rather a beloved classic, readers are highly anticipating the November film release of Christie’s novel, Murder on the Orient Express. And, what better time to re-acquaint yourself with the mischievous characters in this murder mystery than right before Halloween?





Rules of Magic


4. The Rules of Magic: A Novel by Alice Hoffman 

In this long-awaited prequel to her bewitchingly popular novel, Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman offers readers a glimpse at how it all started. Set in 1960s New York, Hoffman tells the origins of the Owens family legacy, centering on beloved aunts Frances and Jet, and their troublesome brother Vincent.





Sleeping Beauties


5. Sleeping Beauties: A Novel by Stephen King and Owen King

In this highly anticipated father-son collaboration, Stephen and Owen King craft a disturbingly “relevant” novel about the disappearance of women from an all-male world. In King’s latest novel, a so-called sleeping disease is overtaking women—once they fall asleep they’re wrapped in a sort of gauze, which transports them to a happier realm. That is, as long as the cocoon-like wrapping isn’t disturbed. But there’s one woman who is immune from the “disease,” forcing men to decide if she should live or die.

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