7 Ways To Celebrate National Book Month

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Book lovers, did you know that October is National Book Month? And, what better time to fall into a good book than during Autumn? That’s why we’ve rounded up 7 easy ways to make your month a little more bookish!

1. Read A New Book Each Week

Attempt to read a small book each week, or every two weeks. Creating a reading schedule might be helpful in reaching your goal. Set aside a few minutes to read each day, even if it’s just enough time to finish one chapter. The best time to fit in some reading? Reading before bed has some surprising benefits.


2. Swap Books With A Friend

At the end of each week, meet up with a friend to swap books. Enjoy an impromptu book discussion over dessert or a glass of wine.

3. Start A Reading Journal

Keep track of the books you’re reading by starting a journal. After each chapter, make notes on the themes, ideas, or quotes that seem to standout. Once you’ve finished a novel, jot down a few lines about its ending. What did you learn from the book? Would you read it again? Additionally, a reading journal is a great way to stay accountable for hitting your yearly reading goals.

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4. Watch Movies Based On Your Favorite Books

After you’ve finished a novel, see how the movie compares. First, get together with friends to choose a book, then once everyone has finished, decide on a night to watch the film together. Afterward, discuss how the novel was different from the movie. Which did everyone like better?

5. Join A Book Club

Take time this month to join a local book club, or if you prefer, start your own reading group with friends and family. Book clubs are a great opportunity for delving deeper into particular novels and, just for getting together with like-minded readers. Start your own book club in six easy steps.

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6. Hide Books Around Town

Actress and activist Emma Watson has made headlines with her initiative to leave books around cities like New York and Paris, as part of her book club, Our Shared Shelf, as well as with The Book Fairies. Be a book fairy like Emma and hide books around your town to spread the love of reading.

7. Start Your Own Novel

Ever dreamed of writing your own novel? Why not start now? Jot down a few ideas you have. Once you’ve chosen an idea to pursue, create an outline and be ready to start writing November 1 in celebration of National Novel Writing Month. Track your progress on their official website and see if you can write your novel in one month!

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