5 Films Based On Books We Can’t Wait To See In 2017

We’re aware of the saying, “The movie isn’t as good as the book” –and most of the time, we completely agree! But there are a few book-inspired films we’re so excited for! That’s why we’ve rounded up five movies on our must-see list this year. Two films are new releases, while others are hitting theaters later this year. Are you excited to see any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

My Cousin RachelImage source: IMDB

1. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

IN THEATERS: June 9, 2017

This enchantingly dark portrayal of Daphne Du Maurier’s classic novel is a must-watch. Englishman Philip Ashley becomes suspicious of his cousin’s beautiful wife, Rachel, after receiving a letter from him revealing a fearful paranoia toward her. Upon his cousin’s death, Philip travels to his cousin’s estate to meet Rachel, but can he resist her charms? Rachel Weisz stars as Rachel.

TheBeguiledImage source: IMDB

2. The Beguiled by Thomas Cullinan

IN THEATERS: June 30, 2017

Sofia Coppola’s brilliant film inspired by Thomas Cullinan’s book is forebodingly dark. In Virginia, not far from a women’s seminary school, a young Union soldier is found wounded in the woods. The ladies reluctantly care for the man. But, this unexpected arrival causes tensions to heighten, while love and fear pits each against the other. Things take an ominous turn, however, and look rather bleak for the soldier. Starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, The Beguiled is a mesmerizing Civil War tale.


Image source: IMDB

3. The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

IN THEATERS: October 6, 2017

What if your life depended upon the help of a stranger? Kate Winslet stars alongside Idris Elba in this harrowing tale based on Charles Martin’s novel. After surviving a tragic plane crash, Ben Payne, a surgeon, and journalist Ashley Knox, find themselves stranded in the snowy Utah wilderness.


Image source: IMDB

4. Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

IN THEATERS: November 10, 2017

From producer Ridley Scott comes the most-anticipated film this fall, Murder On The Orient Express, starring an award-winning cast. Just after midnight, the Orient Express train is stalled on its tracks due to snow. The next morning, passengers are shocked to learn that millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett was murdered during the night, stabbed. And everyone becomes increasingly on-edge, considering there’s a murderer aboard.


Image source: PopSugar

5. Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson, & Lauren Myracle

IN THEATERS: November 22, 2017

Based on three intertwining stories, Let It Snow, is a Christmas-based romance. Most details are still under-wraps, but Pitch Perfect screenwriter Kay Cannon has signed on to tackle the script, while Universal sits at the helm of production. The plot is based on three unexpected romances that occur over the course of one Christmas Eve night.

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