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How To Stay Sane In The Summer Months

Ah, summer.

That time of endless sunshine, the call of the water, fun with fireworks, and late nights spent catching fireflies after eating your fill of watermelon. Or, if you look at it another way, that time of relentless heat, sweat before you’ve even finished your morning coffee, and cranky, restless children who squirm away the second you try to get sunscreen on them. Either way.

The truth is, summer isn’t always the magical time we make it out to be. Summer can be hard, whether you’re a working mom who still has to clock in her hours, even though the pool is calling your name, or if you’re a stay-at-home mom who is surrounded by kids now looking to you as their Personal Activities Director.

So if you’re joining the club of maybe-just-starting-to-hate summer just a little bit, have no fear. You are definitely not alone. Here’s to keeping your sanity through the rest of the summer months — at least until school starts up again, right?

Reading together

Hit up your library

If you haven’t checked your local library yet for tons of free events, for both children and adults, be sure to call them up and see what they have to offer. Our local library does everything from cooking classes to pizza parties and their summer programs have become lifesavers for me and my four young kids. Plus? The library is always air-conditioned. Ahhhh…..

Shaping the habit of reading

Don’t feel guilty for blasting that A/C

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me crankier than when I’m stuck inside, sweltering from heat while trying to pick up after my kids who are hell-bent on destroying my house. There have been so many days that I’ve told myself to suck it up and save the money by not turning the air conditioner on, but you know what? It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference.

So I say blast that cool refreshing air, hunker down with your kids on the rug in front of a fan, and bust out some books while you read the afternoon away. Evening will be here before you know it and you can actually venture outside without your skin melting off. Total win.

Woman holding iced coffee drink on wooden background

Beat the heat with a cold brew

The kids may be eating their weight in popsicles this summer (pro mom tip: always say “yes” to popsicles to the kids, they are endless entertainment), but what about you? If you haven’t tried your hand at making cold brew coffee yet, I promise it’s easier than you may think. Follow an easy recipe and even better, use try one of the delicious varieties of coffee in your Cozy Reader Monthly box to make it even more tempting.

Happy young family have fun on beach at sunset

Embrace the chaos

Yesterday, I started to feel that summer weariness that is all too familiar this time of year. I just want a break from the heat, I thought. I’m so tired of trying to put the kids to bed when it’s still light out and ugh, how much sand can they get in their hair?

But really, summer is a season just like so many things in life. And if you can’t beat summer, well then, we need to join in. Stop fighting the hard parts of summer and really just soak it all in. Let the kids get their feet dirty and eat an entire watermelon and yup, pack up all the pool stuff and sunscreen all over again. (Sigh). So maybe the kids don’t get to bed until past 10, but hey, you’ll get on a schedule eventually again.

Until then, soak it all in — in all its sweaty glory.

What’s your favorite way to embrace summer?

 Guest Post By: 
Chaunie Brusie, RN, BSN
twitter: @chauniebrusie


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