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5 Tips For Making Your Summer Vacation The Most Relaxing Getaway You’ll Ever Have

Whether you’re taking a summer getaway to a mountain cabin or planning to lounge on the beach, chances are, you’re in the mood for some much-needed me time. That means, no conference calls or 10-hour work days, just pure bliss. And after the inevitably hectic few days you’re sure to endure pre-vacay — things always seem to get topsy-turvy before leaving on a trip — you’ll be in the market for some rest and relaxation. That’s why we’ve rounded up five super simple ways for making this summer’s getaway the most relaxing trip you’ve had in years.

1. Disconnect And Unplug

Work can manage without you for a couple days. So, leave your smartphone on silent and send those calls to voicemail. Be a total roadtrip-rebel and refuse to check your email. Sure, things might be a little hectic when you return Monday morning, but by weekend’s end, you’ll be glad you didn’t login.

four girls driving in a convertible car and having fun

2. Do Activities You Enjoy

Make your summer getaway all about you. Visit local art galleries, go horseback riding, or maybe even scuba diving. Immerse yourself in the local culture, eat at new restaurants, and splurge on that sinful slice of chocolate cake. Or, perhaps you’d rather be a homebody and stick around your cabin or resort. If so, start that great American novel you’ve been meaning to get down on paper or listen to those books on tape you’ve had tucked away. Whatever you decide, the most important thing to remember is — don’t plan any of it. Creating an itinerary and feeling obligated to stick with it sucks the spontaneity out of your trip.

Woman at poolside with cosmopolitan cocktail

3. Relax With A Book

Book lovers agree, unwinding with an enjoyable novel is one of the most relaxing pastimes. There’s something about reading that calms and quiets the mind, and it especially offers a nice creative spark that long work days tend to snuff out. If you’re searching for some unexpected beach reads, check out this summer reading list for inspiration.


4. Don’t Forget Fitness

Whether you’re a wellness junkie or not, a nice relaxing walk can do a body good. Take a stroll along the beach as the sun rises or be adventurous and hike your way through the mountainside. Connecting with nature can reset the mind and inspire relaxation, wellness, as well as positive & spiritual thinking. Additionally, if you’re staying at a resort, it’s likely that you can participate in various Yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes as part of your visitor’s package.

Female Feet on Tropical Sand Beach. Legs Walking. Closeup

5. Surround Yourself With Friends and Family

Lastly, and most importantly, share stories and pictures of your adventures with family and friends.  Relaxation is much more enjoyable with people to share it with!

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