4 Main Reasons To #BuyLocal Handmade Products

Choosing to buy local handmade goods, rather than corporate products or products made overseas, is slowly becoming a more popular option, largely in part thanks to the Small Business Saturday campaign. Buying local benefits communities in ways that corporate America is unable to do. Cozy Reader Club includes handmade goods in every monthly subscription box in an effort to support local artisans and crafts. Buying from small businesses supports the local economy, has less of an impact on the environment, and strengthens the community, all while creating a stunning, unique downtown epicenter.

1. Less Impact On The Environment


According to an infographic by CustomMade, a top online marketplace for handcrafted goods, buying local drastically decreases the amount of pollution produced when shipping and transporting corporate goods. Some items found in grocery stores travel hundreds of miles to make it on local shelves, so it’s no surprise that industrial pollution is responsible for almost half of the pollution in America. Small businesses cut down this percentage by opting to recycle and reuse most of their waste.

2. Supports Local Economy

Cafe owners, portrait

Based on the same infographic, buying local invests 70% more into local communities than purchasing from big-box retail. When a person spends $100 at a small business, about $68 is funneled back to the local economy, while only $48 from a corporate purchase goes back. If you purchase a product online, virtually no money is returned to the local economy.

3. Strengthens Local Communities


Additionally, when you shop small, you’re helping to strengthen your community by supporting local schools, as well as the police and fire departments, who are funded by taxes. Shopping small strengthens the local community in other ways as well, by increasing property values, creating jobs, and by, simply, supporting your neighbors who run independent businesses.

4. Creates A Unique Downtown Center

Main street in american town

Lastly, it’s clear that towns who support local artisans and independent businesses have thriving, creative, unique downtowns. When you shop small, this frees local crafters to focus on their trade and create unique products that corporate America cannot provide. Cities and towns who invest in small businesses offer diverse products and increase competition in the local economy.

Be loyal buy local stamp

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