Getting To Know April Author Kate Eberlen

In this month’s box, you’ll find the newly released, and much-anticipated, novel Miss You by Kate Eberlen. The book is pitched as the perfect read for fans of One Day and Me Before You. Eberlen’s newest novel challenges the introspective lives of the millennial generation, ultimately asking, despite the use of social media and smartphones, is it possible for two people who are meant to be together to continuously miss out on meeting one another?

Miss You ingeniously intertwines the lives of Tess and Gus, two people who continuously criss-cross into one another’s lives without realizing, for more than 16 years. Until, magically, they might have the chance to meet in the one place where it all started—Italy.

Eberlen writes that the inspiration for the novel was simple: “What if a person whose life collided with yours for just a few seconds was the person you should be with?”

Italy, a country synonymous with love, and one that holds special meaning for Eberlen, herself, was further inspiration for Miss You.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how many people’s lives touch ours each day, how many encounters we have, or almost have. I often find myself thinking about this on holiday. In the albums full of photos of me with friends or family in beautiful, iconic places – the Ponte Vecchio, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, St Mark’s Square Venice – there must be dozens of people in the background whose paths intersected with ours for just that moment. And we are also in the albums or on the refrigerator doors of people we have never met, or perhaps met just briefly – in the days before the selfie stick – when we handed over our camera and asked ‘Would you mind…?’”


As many writers, Eberlen craftily interjected a few mentions in Miss You that are reflected in her personal life, so we’ve rounded up 7 interesting facts about her to share with our April readers, and while you’re reading, you might be able to pinpoint her own touch on the novel.

  1. She loves Italy, and spends as much time there as she can.
  2. Her favorite ice cream is pear sorbet from Gelateria dei Neri in Florence, which she mentions in Miss You. 
  3. She grew up in a small town 30 miles from London.
  4. She had a lot of odd jobs when she was younger, including her own jewelry business and working at Harrods as a lift girl.
  5. She loves the arts, but especially classic ballet; she and her husband just learned to ballroom dance.
  6. She studied Classics at Oxford University before going into publishing. Now, she enjoys teaching English as a Foreign Language as a way to spend more time in Italy.
  7. She and her husband live on the southern coast of England. They moved there when their son was five because they thought it would be great for him to grow up by the sea.


Comment below with your thoughts on this month’s novel Miss You, by Kate Eberlen.

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