5 Ways To Practice Danish ‘Hygge’ To Be Happy And Cozy

The Danish have been ranked as one of the happiest people in the world for several years. That’s partly thanks to their uber-popular practice of hygge (pronounced as “hoo-guh”), which is slowly making waves in the United States. The quite literal translation of hygge is “coziness.” We’ve rounded up five easy ways you can practice a little self-care that are totally hygge approved:

1. Take A Bubble Bath

Sit back and relax in a nice warm bubble bath. After a long, exhausting work week, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress by playing calming music, lighting scented candles, or soaking tired feet in Epsom Salt.   

Sensual woman in bathtub

2. Curl Up On The Couch In The Coziest Sweater You Own

The American definition of hygge? A day relaxing on the couch in front of the fireplace watching Netflix. Or, if not the couch, why not a lazy day in bed? Whichever lounging spot you prefer, perhaps you might be interested in streaming these bookish Netflix movies:  The Notebook, The Princess Bride, Eat Pray Love or Pride and Prejudice.

legs of girl warm woolen socks and  cup of coffee warming, winter morning in bed

3. Enjoy A Hot Drink And A Good Book

As any true bookworm knows, there aren’t too many things better than cozying up with a warm drink and a good book. Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, take in the aroma and really savor every sip. Reduce stress while enjoying a warm cup of organic tea. Or, if hot chocolate is what you’re after, then these delicious hot cocoa recipes from The Minimalist Baker and Love and Lemons, will surely do the trick. Then grab your book and enjoy a quiet moment on the couch. 

Pretty young woman relaxing reading a book

4. Go For A Walk

There’s nothing quite as serene as nature. Walking is a relaxing way to meditate in motion. Not only can walking clear the mind and reduce stress, but it offers a ton of other health benefits, including: boosting mood, promoting weight-loss, and improving heart-health.

Woman running legs in sunset forest

5. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Dedicate a small portion of every day to doing something that brings true joy to your life. Start that great American novel, paint, snap some photos, walk along the beach or just spend some time with your family.  Do the things that you enjoy most in life and you’ll be feeling hygge in no time. 


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