5 Spring Cleaning Ideas For Creating A Cozy Book Nook

The one thing every true bookworm needs in their home is a cozy, little nook. And what better time to create yours than while Spring cleaning. Transform that catch-all closet into your own personal oasis, or turn a dull wall into a library of books. The ideas are endless. We’ve found five nook-inspired design ideas that you can implement in your home that are perfect for hiding away with a good book:

1. Renovate A Closet

Have a closet that’s not really serving its purpose? Fix that by installing a clever book nook. These Pinterest ideas offer some great tips and inspiration for transforming a closet into a reading nook. After evaluating the space and removing its contents, paint the walls and add a built-in bench or shelving for a cozy vibe you can get lost in for hours.

Image Source: Desire to Inspire

2. Dedicate An Unused Wall To A Built-In Reading Nook

Turn a dull wall into the library of your dreams by adding custom shelving. But make it truly unique by adding a built-in book nook hidden amidst the stacks. By adding some dreamy indoor lighting, not only will this personal library brighten your wall, but it’ll instantly conjure that cozy appeal only bookworms can understand.


Image Source: Dwell Magazine and Robertson Design

3. Just Hang Out With A Good Book

Bring the outdoors inside by installing a lounging hammock. We recommend choosing a room in the house with lots of natural light. Installation is fairly easy and you’ll be enjoying those lazy beach vibes in no time.

Image Source: Rubyellen Bratcher via Cakies blog

4. Build A Window Seat

Turn any open window area into a beautiful sitting space with window seats. The lovely natural lighting will create the perfect glow for reading and relaxing. Don’t forget to decorate with lots of cozy pillows!


Image Source: Ken Gutmaker for This Old House

5. Build A Closet Loft For The Kids

Instill a love for books in your children by designing a cozy reading nook. This closet loft tutorial from Bigger Than The Three Of Us is a great place to start for inspiration. The step-by-step guide offers some great advice for constructing the design, and not to mention, is super inexpensive.


Image Source: Bigger Than The Three Of Us

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