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Spring Break Travels: 7 Of The Coziest Bookstores To Visit In The U.S.

If Spring Break plans have you traveling across the country, it’s always nice to take time and enjoy the local charm and culture. Book-lovers know that an easy way to do this is to seek out independent bookstores. We’ve rounded up seven of the coziest book shops in the U.S. that are worth a visit:

1. Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe in Asheville, NC

Located in the heart of Downtown Asheville, Malaprop’s is a local hub. Readers can enjoy coffee or tea from the cafe as they peruse mainstream and Indie titles, as well as local and regional literature. Malaprop’s cozy atmosphere and downright southern charm, makes this shop a must-stop when passing through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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2. Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN

Best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing genius Karen Hayes founded their independent bookstore in November 2011. Named for the Greek mythological Mount Parnassus, which was home to literature and other arts, Parnassus Books is a local gem that boasts a variety of books, from bestsellers to regional authors.

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3. Boulder Book Store in Boulder, CO

The Boulder Book Store is known as Boulder’s largest independent bookstore, boasting more than 100k titles, spread across three floors. Popular among the locals and tourists, Boulder Book Store also touts a rock-solid list of visits by mainstream authors, including: Joyce Carol Oates, Mitch Albom, David Sedaris, Elizabeth Gilbert, Chelsea Handler, and Neil Gaiman.

4. The Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA

Founded in 1973 by Walter Carr, The Elliot Bay Book Company has slowly grown into a multi-level store that boasts more than 150k books. Widely popular, Elliot Bay is a perfect afternoon stop if driving through the Pacific Northwest.

5. Symposium Books in Providence, RI

A truly unique find, Symposium Books entices readers with their beautiful street view windows, located in the heart of Providence. But what makes this shop special is that it also has a small record store inside.

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6. McNally Jackson Books in New York, NY

A one-of-a-kind shop, McNally Jackson is one of the Big Apple’s many stores on the independent scene. But this bookstore offers some very special finds, more specifically, exclusive printing and publishing services. The store boasts a “Book Machine” capable of turning your very own great American novel into the real deal. Along with self-publishing, readers are also able to print and personalize a select number of classic titles.

7. Dog Eared Books in San Francisco, CA

Dog Eared Books has something for everyone, and its punny, genius name is sure to entice readers to stop inside. Opened in 1992, this canine-inspired shop has become a San-Fran favorite. Not only do they offer bestsellers, but they also sell “off-beat” finds, new and used.

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